What, you are fishing??? This is probably the question I have been asked most frequently. My answer: Yes, why not? Anything bad about it? This is how most of my conversations start once people have heard that I am fishing.
Once thinkin about fishing, most people have in mind that I am sitting for hours at the bank and am starring at my waggler till something is going to happen. It is raining and the fish you are catching are probably as big as the palm of my hand. This is what comes first into people’s minds when thinking about fishing. People that have nothing to do with fishing have always imaginations like this. This is the point when I am getting a big grin into my face, because it is totally different when I am thinking about my fishing style. Ok, I might sit in the rain and I am starring at the water a lot of times while fishing but not hours and hours. As usual, I am explaining how I am spending my time while sitting in the nature.
If I am starting to explain what fishing is about for me, there is always a second question following. “What? You are sitting there the whole weekend and even the whole week?” Yes, this is what I am doing! I am spending a lot of time and nights in the nature at the bank of different venues. Because fishing as well as being out in the wild is for me very special and the best hobby on earth!


Hi, I am Claudia Darga and am very pleased to welcome you at my fishing and outdoor blog. Most of the people do not understand why I love to fish. And to be honest, there is no real explanation for it! It is like chocolate, there are some people that are mad at it and there are others that hate it. And I am the one that is mad about it ! But what is so special about fishing? On the one hand it is the closeness to the nature! Because only while being in the nature and becoming a part of the nature is showing you things you would never see when not being out there! Those are things you actually do not realize when sitting at home. For example singing birds, little animals creeping through the coppice or the rain drops dropping on your bivvy! At the bank I am experiencing so many things I would have never experienced when being at home! Overall, when fishing I am finding my personal peace!
It sounds sort of strange, but otherwise my days look so different and are really chaotic! I am working a lot, doing the household and meet up with my friends quite frequently. The only relaxing time for me is when being out at the bank! But next to this relaxing part of fishing, fishing is far more! It involves a lot of friction and thrill! There you always have a personal goal to reach! To catch a specific fish or visit a specific venue! And this is coming up with a lot of uncertainty! This uncertainty is starting with the venue you choose, the baits and the tactic you are driving at this specific fishing day! If all works out for you, you will be successful by reaching your aim, if not you gotta go back home without a fish. However, also the unsuccessful fishing days are perfect days! Anyways, once you have a take by a fish, it is pure thrill and the heart beat is raising up to 200! Once you take up the rod and start the fight it is a magic moment! Now it means hang on and get the fish in the net! Once the fish is landed, the thrill is changing to pure joy and happiness! Because your tactic worked out and you did a great job as fisher man/ woman! This is fishing and this is what I love so much! Being in the nature, enjoying the silence and feeling the thrill and the happiness! In the best case you can share those moments with your family and friends! Because this is where memories arise! And those memories will last for the whole life!
To conclude, there is not only one reason of why I am fishing, it is about the whole package!
I am so happy that you have found the way to my personal homepage! This is the place where I keep you updated about my fishing adventures as well as my lifestyle! I am sharing all my experiences with you! I will upload frequent blogs about it and will send you special content once you have assigned for the newsletter! Also have a look at my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel!

Kind Regards, good luck and tight lines at the bank!

Yours Claudia